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Bend over Baby

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Jennifer at katoyasia.com

Name; Jennifer Age; 21 Pre Op

Jennifer is one of ours, or one that we have shot ourselves. What I like in a lbfm tranny or ladyboy….., nice face, good tits and a great fucking ass that I can slam my cock into any time of the day or night. If I say to bend over, she does, and I fuck that ass till I dump a major load deep in her asshole, she turns around and sucks me dry till I can’t stand it anymore and have to push her away and then cleans me up with soft licks of her tongue yep that’s what I like. Now does this all apply to Jennifer, oh yea, cute face, nice tits and I love her round ass and that tight little bung hole of hers is open for business any time you want. In fact after we had done the shoot and we’re just kind of chilling out in the apartment resting up and having something to eat, I was still way horny. So her into the bathroom, turned her around and bent her ass over the sick, I told her to open up her ass, she did, and I just slid my cock deep into her, man that felt so great, I came pretty quick buried to the hilt in her ass. She pull me out of her ass nice and slow, turned around, dropped to her knees and sucked me softly till my dick was limp and cleaned, loved it. You know that some of these trannies are bitches no doubt, but you come across one like Jennifer and you know why you love to fuck ladyboys in the ass.

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Smokingtranny at katoyasia.com

Name; A Smoking tranny Age; 27 Pre Op

Ok so here is a Smoking Tranny haha I know, a Tranny who is smoking but she still is a smoking tranny, in both ways. Some guy the other day was asking me if we had any of the lbfm ladyboys on the site that were smoking cigarettes or cigars while being fucked. I thought that was a really strange question so I looked it up and found that there is this entire niche of “smoking” sites. Dude getting off on seeing chicks and chicks with dicks naked or getting fucked all while smoking on a cig. Hmmm well I’m into hot sexy Asian Shemales and that would seem way out there to some folks so to each his own I guess. Oh and to answer that guys question, yep we have an Asian tranny sucking on a cigarette while posing nude for ya, only one but now that I know that your into this I’ll look for some more sets. Even better we’ll shoot a set or two of an Asian lbfm getting fucked up the ass while sucking on a long white cig, enjoy.

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Back From Vacation

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Jade at katoyasia.com

Name; Jade Age; 23 Pre Op

Sorry about the delay in the posting here but was on Va Kay, went to the beautiful island of Phuket for some fun in the sun. For any of you who have never been to Phuket you should take a look into it for your next vacation especially if you’re into Asian Tranny Ladyboys like I am. They are every where on Phuket, you check into your hotel and there is one checking you in, you go get something to eat and your waitress is a ladyboy, get your hair cut and there is a good chance that the person cutting your hair will be a ladyboy, I was in heaven. Not only are there tons of ladyboys running around where you can meet, talk and hook up with them at any place or any time of the day, there are also a lot of bars and clubs that only have ladyboys as the hostesses. So if your unable to hook up with one during your daily travels around the island, you can always go to these clubs and pick and choose which ever sexy tight Asian Tranny you want and live the dream bra!

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Sexy Asian Tranny

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Kandy at katoyasia.com

Name; Kandy Age; 23 Pre Op

As sweet as her name, Kandy was or should say is a great ladyboy sexual partner. I like my Asian shemales to be thin and cute in the face, she fits both those requirements just fine, she is taller then I like but I’ll let that go cause she has an amazing little ass, clean and tight. I have found some tyrannies that don’t like to be fucked in the ass too much, go figure, but Kandy has no such issues, she loves to be fucked in the ass and it makes her have wood and orgasm while taking a hard dick in her tranny pussy.

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Passable Mindy

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Mindy at katoyasia.com

Name; Mindy Age; 26 Pre Op

Nothing better then a tiny little Asian Shemale little Mindy here. Small body means small tight asshole perfect for sexual enjoyment. Mindy is very passable at only about 5’4″ you couldn’t pick her out of a crowd at all. Met her at a local casino where she was eyeing me up, didn’t have a clue that she was a tranny till she came up to me and started talking, even then I had to really think about and check her out from head to toe. I finally figured out that she was a ladyboy and she was working too, I don’t mind, its easy quick no messing around. We went back to my apartment where she was pretty shocked to find out that I wasn’t a tourist, we fucked, got her number and shot her the next day. I love living in Asia where you can just about be anywhere and meet a sweet, passable shemale to fuck pretty much when ever you want.

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